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Christina Hall

Areas of Experience: Eventing (Beginner Novice – Advanced), Dressage (through Grand Prix).

Chrissy has been at Whispering Farms since 2009 and a professional in the industry for thirty two years. She is a USDF Silver and Bronze medalist, and has scores toward her gold, having competed through Intermediare II in dressage. She represented USA/Region 9 at the Advanced YR Championships at Temple Farms. Additionally, she has competed through the FEI* level as an eventer. Her eventing students have competed successfully through Advanced, have been members of the NAYRC advanced young rider CCI* and CCI** star teams, have earned gold and silver medals in international competition, and participated in the USEF developing rider programs. Her dressage clients have won regional and national titles at all levels, from Training level through Grand Prix, including the USDF/GAIG Intermediare I championship, third level horse of the year, and Prix St. Georges USDF national champion.

Chrissy believes in continuing to develop her own skills both as a rider and an instructor by seeking continuing education on a regular basis. She was selected to ride in the National Performance Horse Seminar on a USET developing rider scholarship, receiving training from Charles DeKunffy and Arthur Kottas. She has also ridden with such notable trainers as Gabrielle Grillo, Michael Poulin, Hans Biss, Franz Rockawansky, Heather Blitz, Mary Wanless, and Jane Savoie. Additionally, she has attended jumping and cross country clinics with Denny Emerson, Jimmy Woffard, David O’Connor, Ginny Leng, Pammy Hutton, Jeremy Beale, and ridden regularly with Mary D’Arcy, FBHS, for over 40 years. Chrissy takes the education she has received from these notable trainers and passes it on to her students. In 2022, Chrissy received the USDF Excellence in Teaching award, signifying her ability to teach informative, progressive lessons at all levels. Chrissy hopes to make dressage accessible so as to improve the health and education of all horses across a variety of disciplines, and has worked with Reiners, gaited horses, and pleasure horses in addition to warmbloods, baroque horses, and other traditional breeds.

Teaching/Training Availability: Monday – Friday, 8am – 3:30 pm. No evening lessons except by prearrangement. Weekends for horse shows and clinics only.

Katie McCullough

Areas of Experience: Dressage through Grand Prix

Katie has been a trainer at Whispering Farms since 2014, and a professional in the industry for over 12 years. As a junior rider she earned her bronze medal and trained with world renowned names such as Volker Bormann, Dr. Thomas Ritter and Gerhard Politz. As a professional she earned her bronze and silver medals and scores towards her gold at Intermediare I. Katie is regularly improving her teaching and training skills and rides consistently under Heather Blitz and other dressage masters such as Mary Wanless, Julio Mendoza and Claudio Oliviera.
Katie works well with all breeds of horses. However, she’s especially well known for her work with the Friesians. Katie has readied and successfully presented horses for the Friesian Keruring’s and IBOP tests, earning Crown mare, daily champion mare, and overall daily champion. The horses she has presented have gone on to win both regional and national recognition.

Her students have been regionally and nationally ranked. Katie coached the USDF/GAIG Region 9 First level amateur champion of 2021 as well as the USDF/SWDC Training level amateur champion of 2021. Katie is known for the positive and open relationships she creates with her clients and horses. Practicing modern dressage with an emphasis on correct rider biomechanics, Katie’s approach with each client and horse is completely unique and will be tweaked to be made the best for each pair. Effective aids and clear communication to each horse are crucial. Through exceptional stability in her seat and position, Katie ensures that the horses in her program have a solid foundation, confidence and the trust needed to introduce the more intricate movements and travel up the levels.

Lauren Imhoff

Area of experience: lesson program, eventing, horsemanship

Lauren Imhoff has been running her lesson program at Whispering Farms since 2021 and is now expanding into training. She has competed through novice level at USEA horse trials and schooled through training level. She has participated at local dressage schooling shows through first level. Lauren has ridden with instructors such as Margaret Kitts, Becky Brown, and John Staples, as well as clinicians such as Karen O’Connor, and Judy Wardrope. She competed on the University of Notre Dame’s equestrian team while she earned her degree in Mechanical Engineering. In addition to her experience in eventing, Lauren has also ridden gaited horses under the instruction of Dan Kimberly and Larry Whitesell. She has attended natural horsemanship clinics with Chris Cox so as to help expand her knowledge of this discipline.

She is an avid believer in teaching horsemanship and riding in conjunction with one another. Her mission is to help her students not only develop a sound classical dressage and jumping foundation, but a thorough understanding of the biomechanics of the horse and rider, including becoming competent in the language and mindset of a horse. Developing a students’ knowledge about the care and maintenance of a horse is as important to her as developing their knowledge and understanding of good riding technique to progress to one’s fullest potential. A vast part of Lauren’s lessons is keeping her students engaged and enthusiastic about riding and horsemanship by including their interests in their lessons, getting to know them individually, and creating an atmosphere conducive to learning on an individual level. It is her goal to help each student develop a joy for riding and create and develop personal goals while engaged in our supportive community of riders.

Teaching/Training Availability: Monday – Friday, afternoon/evening lessons. Weekends by prearranged appointment only