Horses for Lease

Benefits of a lease

There are many reasons why a rider might want to consider horses for lease. A horse or pony lease has many of the advantages of horse ownership without the initial cost of purchasing a horse.

Some benefits of leasing a horse or a pony are:

  • Leases allow you to choose how many days a week you will dedicate to your riding.
  • Unlike school horses, lease horses usually only have one or two riders.
  • Leasing is a good stepping stone to owning a horse!
  • A horse available for lease is often more schooled and/or experienced.
  • A lease is a short term commitment – the time frame agreed upon in advance.
Grey pony with a girl in purple shirt and black vest and tan breeches jumps a yellow and white fence on a green grassy field with trees in the background as her trainer in a pink shirt looks on for Lease a Horse

Lease pony and his rider have a jump lesson!

Partial lease horse

Horse leases are often referred to as either a full lease or a partial lease. A partial lease horse is a good option for a person who prefers to ride 2 or 3 times per week. This is option is great for someone with limited time or for someone who is just starting out. It is also the most affordable way to participate in a top notch training program on a quality horse.

Dressage horses for lease

Many riders seek dressage horses for lease. As dressage is considered the foundation for other sports, it makes sense start here. Safe, beginning dressage horses are most common. These are the kind, patient mounts that most riders need. Such horses are confidence builders and allow a rider to focus entirely on their riding, rather than the training of the horse.

Advanced dressage horses for lease are a bit more rare.  When these horses do become available, they are typically leased to a more advanced rider.  The riders higher skill level will help maintain the training of the horse.

Matching lease horses and riders

Matching the correct horse to a riders skill level is very important. There is much satisfaction to be gained from spending time grooming and caring for a horse. Bonding with a horse is a wonderful thing! However, ultimately, the goal is to improve the riders skills. This is where your trainer will carefully consider which horse may be a good match for you.

Bay horse with rider in dark coat and beige breeches jumps a natural wood fence in an outdoor arena with a man and a woman in the bleachers in the background watching the rider for Lease a Horse

Interested in leasing a horse?

If you are interested in learning more about horses for lease, contact us to be connected with a trainer who can assist. The trainers at Whispering Farms have years of experience and can help you reach your riding goals with the right horse.

Black horse with long braids in his mane stands with a rider atop in a red and white Santa coat and black pants for Lease a Horse