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Horses for sale in Dallas

Buying a horse is a big decision. Although the end result is rewarding, the process of finding the perfect equine partner can be time consuming. The time and cost to do this could add up pretty quickly. If you are looking for horses for sale in Dallas, you are in luck! We typically have several quality horses for sale at Whispering Farms. Finding your dream horse could a simple and quick process.

Twelve Oaks Equestrian

Whether you are seeking the ideal horse to meet your riding goals, or you are in the market to sell a horse, Twelve Oaks Equestrian by Christina Hall is here to help.

Presenting quality sport horses for sale, Twelve Oaks may have your next horse waiting for you now! Our inventory is ever changing as new horses come in regularly to be sold. Located at Whispering Farms, our convenient location at an amazing facility make it the perfect destination for one stop horse shopping.

If you are in the market to sell your horse, Twelve Oaks Equestrian provides exceptional marketing and sales services. We do everything needed to present your horse professionally. Every sale is personalized to meet the specific needs of each horse. Our goal is make a successful sale where both the seller and the buyer happy with the results.

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Warmbloods for sale

Warmbloods are generally considered to be particularly well suited for Dressage, Jumping and Eventing. We typically offer a number of warmbloods for sale at Whispering Farms at any one time. However, we also have a national and international network of reputable professionals available to assist in locating the perfect equine match for you. We have helped many riders find and buy a horse from all corners the country. Additionally, we have imported top quality warmblood horses for clients from all over Europe.

Dressage horses for sale

The sport of dressage is a wonderful journey of learning. Purchasing an equine partner suitable for the sport makes it all the more enjoyable. It is very important to consider temperament and gaits when searching for dressage horses for sale. Additionally, is the horse comfortable to sit on at your level of work? Does the barrel of the horse fit your leg? Do you plan to compete in the future? There are many questions to consider. Having the assistance of a knowledgeable professional can be of great value.


Maxim Fan Leandra

17H 2012 Friesian gelding.  Schooling first level dressage.

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Twelve Oaks Equestrian presents Maxim Fan Leandra, a 2012 Friesian gelding (Doaitsen 420 x Fletje (Bonne)).

Standing an impressive 17 hands, this guy makes us feel as though Jon Snow or, perhaps, Zorro is *right here with us*. Max embodies all the qualities we love in the Friesian…that awesome, lofty trot, a big, ground covering canter, and a soft, quiet walk. He is comfortable and easy to sit on; whether you are taking a hack to Westeros as you channel your inner Dothraki or taking a dressage lesson with your local trainer, Max is willing to please and very easy to work with.

All attempts to be clever aside, Max is easily schooling all the first level movements with style and he gets better every day. He has been to some local schooling shows and is very good to handle on the ground either at home or away. He is a trail riding *superstar*….he is happy to hack alone, at the front of a group, or at the back, and can be trusted to walk along on the buckle. Not even kidding.

For a big horse, he is easy on the body (even my old, broken, weary bones), extremely good in the connection, and takes pressure and suggestion cheerfully. He can be a little bit “looky” in the arena, but he has no buck, wouldn’t rear if he were faced with an army white walkers, and is far too well mannered to bolt…but he can look…. and he IS big, so he isn’t for a raw beginner or someone who might be intimidated by his size. He would be perfect for a capable adult amateur who enjoys both serious dressage work and relaxing hacking.

Max is sound and healthy…while he has front shoes on now, he can be kept barefoot. He is priced at $25,000. For more information, please text Chrissy 214-232-7546.



17.2H 2006 KWPN (Dutch Harness Horse, registered KWPN) gelding.  Shown second level dressage.

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If there were horse internet dating, we’d sign Will up. This handsome fellow needs that special someone for his next rider.

This 2006 KWPN gelding (yes, he is Dutch Harness Horse, registered KWPN) is 17.2 hands of pure man muscle. He’s successfully shown through second level, and has three excellent gaits…he is ready to learn the change and move on to third level. His teenage rider is off to college, so we don’t want him to become one of *those* guys sitting around in a basement playing video games….this guy needs a job.

Will is an experienced traveler and show horse, and has all the talent in the world, but he is a powerful horse and absolutely can be reactive. While he does not rear or buck and is a kind guy at heart, he needs a rider who understands how to ride a horse like him….he is not suitable for a beginner or a timid rider. He also requires some regular maintenance.

Because of his special needs, this horse is priced accordingly at 12,000. Please text Chrissy at 214-232-7546, serious inquiries only.  Twelve Oaks Equestrian.


Charles N Charge

15H 2010 AQHA gelding. Lots of show miles, ribbons and championships in local Children’s Hunters.

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And now we have Charles N Charge….
This guy is literally *the* perfect first horse for any kid. He is that patient, saintly, no-prep, angel horse that we as trainers wish we could clone.

Charlie took his current kid from cross rails (where he literally will creep across any little jump, careful not to jostle his cargo) to so many championships at all the local shows in the Children’s hunters…and makes all the horse distances even though (we realize) he is a small 15 hands.

Normally such a saintly horse comes with age, but this guy is only coming 9 this year. He is a registered AQHA, a darling chestnut with chrome, and he has the bonus track of needing NO maintenance, NO special diet, NO special shoes…(but wait there’s more) AND he clips, loads, and hums a little tune while doing it. Really, he’s that cute.

We think he’s worth a million bucks and we priced him that way…but we realize a million bucks is maybe a bit high for a first kid’s horse, even though you can’t put a price on your kids’ happiness and (more importantly) safety. Except every kid loves winning ribbons. And with this guy, you get the whole package.

We ARE kind of picky about where he goes, we’ve said no to people. He is priced at 18,000. Come and see him! Video with novice also available. Please text Chrissy at 214-232-7546.
Twelve Oaks Equestrian.



Stargazer Lily

16.2H 2010 Imported KWPN mare. Three lovely gaits with a nice flying change. Dressage or Jumping.

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This lovey, 16.2 hand KWPN mare was imported in October of last year and is looking for her own person.

Star is the is the sweetest thing. She is super amateur friendly, comfortable to ride, and our barn favorite.

She has three quality, easy paces and is quiet enough for a timid rider on the flat. Over fences she is absolutely brave. We have never seen her stop, be naughty or silly.

An advanced beginner would be fine on her over fences. She does jump with some roundness, so she would not be suitable for a total beginner or a timid rider over *fences*.

Stargazer Lily is good outside or in. She has a good flying change. Star is an all around good girl who is sound, healthy, and an easy keeper. We have not found a hole in her. And, she is pretty to boot!

Star does not have a show record in the US, but there is no reason why she cannot go out and set the world on fire with her new owner. We have had our student ride her, she can take a joke, she absolutely takes care of anyone who sits on her.

Jumping video available. Twelve Oaks Equestrian.


Dolce Danone

16.1H 2012 Imported Hanoverian mare. Dressage bloodlines with three lovely gaits and quiet temperament. Excellent foundation. Ready to start her career.

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We have a lovely 16.1 6 yr old hand imported Hanoverian mare.

This beautifully born-to-be a rockstar mare is destined for greatness with a go-getter Jr rider, good AA, or an aspiring professional.

Imported last year, Dolce Danone is by Danone II (DeNiro) and shows all the promise of her outstanding dressage bloodlines. She is super sensible, has three amazing gaits (including a canter to die for), is comfortable and sound and has a solid foundation. And she is pretty to boot!

Dolce is ready for her forever home to take her and compete. Her owner wants to sell her but is also open to lease/lease purchase possibilities. This would be a fantastic opportunity for a skilled YR or AA on a budget.

Dolce is a quality, quality mare who has all the potential of her outstanding dressage breeding. Quiet, with firmly established basics, she’s ready to go out and begin her competition career.

Twelve Oaks Equestrian



14.2H 2007 Haflinger gelding. Super first horse, Pony Club horse or Fox Hunter.  Wonderful temperament.

[ultimate_exp_section title=”Learn more” new_title=”Newt” text_color=”#ffffff” background_color=”#4c3969″ text_hovercolor=”#ffffff” bghovercolor=”#bcab93″ title_active_bg=”rgba(188,171,147,0.2)” cnt_bg_color=”rgba(188,171,147,0.2)”]


Meet Newt!   Newt makes just about everyone that sees him happy. Sincerely. This horse is the equivalent of equine sunshine.

This little ambassador of greatness is a 2007, 14.2 hand Haflinger gelding (he does not have a pony card, and we are going on our stick measurement, no “official” measurement taken, but he errs to being a bit under rather than over).  Newt has a solid dressage foundation, he trail rides without turning a hair at anything (I tested him extensively, as you can see in the video), and he has the ability to jump.  He would be very good at trotting a course of cross rails or 2 ft fences and he can become airborne over a bigger fence (and is cute at it).  Admittedly, he is designed to stay fairly near the earth’s gravitational pull.

Newt is too much of a gentleman to spook or rear or be naughty. He clips, loads, ties, and is absolutely safe to handle on the ground. He comes equipped with both a motor and brakes. He has a light, sensitive mouth and he is not a horse that you have to kick (although he tolerates being kicked if you do). His canter can be quick, although he does not bolt or run off.   A very beginner rider might find him to seem zippy.

Newt would flourish under a beginner with at least an awareness of the basics, who is confident and doesn’t mind a horse with a motor.

This little guy can teach the right rider a ton. He has the brains and the basics to be a super first horse. He would be a perfect pony club horse. I also think he would be super out fox hunting, as he is so sensible outside.
Twelve Oaks Equestrian



15.2H unregistered Dutch/TB cross gelding. Between 10 – 12 years. Wonderful, bombproof temperament.  Great first horse.

[ultimate_exp_section title=”Learn more” new_title=”Fleek” text_color=”#ffffff” background_color=”#4c3969″ text_hovercolor=”#ffffff” bghovercolor=”#bcab93″ title_active_bg=”rgba(188,171,147,0.2)” cnt_bg_color=”rgba(188,171,147,0.2)”]

SOLD! Fleek is off to Calvary Academy!

Imagine that kid in school that was voted “Most Popular” at the end of the year. The girls all called him “cute”. They old him their secrets, included him at their lunch table. Moms trusted him. He was everyone’s homecoming date when the football player boyfriend did them wrong. He was the good for you guy. He grew up, graduated from school, had 2.5 children with a solid looking girl he met in college, got a Labrador retriever, and lives somewhere in the burbs. A great, solid, hardworking dude. Mr. Reliable.

Take that guy, put a few dozen black and white hairs on him, make him 15.2 hands of some kind of warmblood (he claims Dutch/Tb but does not have the papers to prove that) and you have Fleek. True, true, Fleek does not have a ton of formal education. But when the chips are down, it is Fleek who is going to be there for you. If you want a horse who comes equipped with piaffe, passage, tempis, and the ulcers, spook, and accent that accompanies such a beast, please scroll on. If you are looking for a horse that has been to Madison Square Garden, requires a wardrobe more extensive than J-Lo’s, and has to have shoes that are more expensive than Jimmy Choos, go to the next ad. If you want a handsome, sound, fun horse to do some flatwork and enjoy his cute jump…here he is. If you don’t mind a little bit of a project…here he is. If you value safe, safe, safe, safe…here he is. If you want a horse that is sensible enough to let us film a video this ridiculous….here he is.

Fleek. 10-12 yrs old (according to the vet that did a clinical PPE on him and found him not only sound in the head but sound in the limb as well). The horse? $7500. The brain? Priceless.

The most unusual video we have ever made…and will probably never do again (most our sale horses have accents)…. Twelve Oaks Equestrian