World Class Riding Stables Facility

Whispering Farms has numerous amenities that are wonderful in and of themselves. However, collectively, they come together to create a world class riding stables facility here in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

All riders and horses will find themselves at home at our beautiful equestrian center. Whether you are a serious competitor or you prefer to enjoy a casual trail ride, we have everything you need to enjoy quality time with your horse.

Indoor Riding Arena

Our indoor riding arena is large enough to fit a full size dressage arena or a full jump course with room to spare.

You and your horse are sure to enjoy our enclosed and insulated arena with fabulous GGT footing. Riding and training in any weather condition is guaranteed in this huge space. Plenty of room for all riders!

Amenities of our indoor arena

  • Our indoor riding arena is enclosed allowing continuous training even in the most challenging weather conditions
  • The indoor arena is insulated to keep the temperatures less extreme in summer and winter
  • Equipped with two “Big Ass” fans, the arena has a wonderful breeze even during the hottest days
  • Fabulous LED lighting keeps the arena bright during gloomy days or dark evenings
  • Enjoy our state of the art sound system creating a concert hall effect while you ride
  • Specially mixed sands with added GGT provides footing that is excellent for dressage, jumping or pleasure riding
  • The arena has sections of mirrors on both long sides providing a valuable training tool
  • Large viewing / seating area
  • Groomed daily

Outdoor Riding Arena

The outdoor riding arena is a wonderful place to ride when the weather permits. This arena is spacious and accommodates many riders. Practice your dressage, enjoy a jump lesson or warm up for a trail ride. Enjoy the great outdoors!

Amenities of our outdoor arena

  • Our outdoor riding arena is fully fenced with closing gates for safety
  • Specially mixed sands with added GGT provides excellent footing
  • Raised and covered sitting/viewing platform
  • Groomed daily, weather permitting

Additional amenities

Lobby with a view

The air-conditioned and heated lobby overlooking the indoor arena is available for boarders and their guests.

Our lobby has cold and filtered water, sofas, TV and two restrooms. It is a great place for riders to take a break, have lunch or just relax.

Turnout choices

Horses that spend time outside are happier and healthier horses. We turn the horses out every day, weather permitting.

Horses may be turned out individually or in groups. We pick the horses feet out when they come in for the day. They will be hosed off if they need it.

Tack rooms

The main barn has two large tack rooms filled with individual tack cubbies. Each stall has a locking tack cubby assigned to it.

Cubbies are spacious with a saddle rack and multiple bridle hooks. Additionally, saddle pad racks available to air out pads.

  • Security gate, boarder access
  • Trailer parking available
  • Groomed equestrian trails 


Our TheraPlate is located in the therapy stall in the east barn. Available for horses boarded at Whispering Farms, equine athletes enjoy the many therapeutic benefits of using this excellent perk.

Used to improve performance or for rehab and everything in between, TheraPlate is the official therapy plate of the USEF!

  • Refrigerator located in each barn
  • Washer and dryer for small item
  • Ground floor has 5 restrooms!
Front view

Enjoy our amazing riding stables!

Whispering Farms is an oasis for equestrians and their horses!  We offer a slice of country experience ever so close to the city. Our full service horse boarding offers the best in horse care. Additionally, you can enjoy your sport to its fullest with our exceptional amenities.

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