Equestrian Center for the Discerning Rider

Equestrian Center for the Discerning Rider

Every equestrian who rides, trains or boards at Whispering Farms will enjoy an equestrian center experience unsurpassed in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. We pamper our riders with numerous, superb amenities.

Attention to detail is our forte! We excel at creating an enjoyable and productive environment for all riders. From the avid sports enthusiast to the laid back pleasure rider, if you have a passion for riding, Whispering Farms is the facility for you!

Horse riding in Dallas

Bringing a little piece of the country within easy access of most DFW areas, our farm provides horse riding in Dallas that is unique.

Riders can train in our huge, insulated and enclosed indoor arena or be out on the trail in minutes. Work your horse in our round pen or go for a jump lesson in our outdoor arena. So many possibilities, so close to the city!

Our goal is for every rider to enjoy a relaxing and productive day with their horse when they board at Whispering Farms.

View from upstairs area with brown floor and tan walls overlooking the indoor arena below for Rider Amenities

Our equestrian facility offers many amenities for riders

An equestrian facility should provide a productive and comfortable place for riders to enjoy spending time with their equine partners.  With that in mind, we offer numerous amenities that create an overall experience that is nothing short of excellent! Here are some of our outstanding perks:

Man in a grey shirt sitting on a brown chair with a laptop computer on his lap in the arena viewing area outside of the lobby for Rider Amenities
  • Enclosed and insulated indoor arena with two large “Big Ass Fans”
  • Outdoor arena
  • Covered and lighted oversized round pen
  • Special GGT footing optimizing the soundness and longevity of the horses
  • Arena viewing area with plenty of seating
  • Access to miles of manicured equestrian trails
  • Climate controlled lobby
  • Concert hall sound system with music from Pandora for business
  • Dressage arena set up for practice days
  • Jumps set up for practice days
  • Lessons conducted with two-way headsets for peaceful riding for all
  • Training available from highly qualified FEI trainers
  • Clinics available from national and internationally known trainers
  • Assistance in buying or selling a horse
  • Lease horses available
  • Extended hours to accommodate most schedule needs.
  • Locking tack cubby for each stall
  • 5 restrooms on the ground floor
  • Washer and dryer for small items
  • Refrigerator in each barn for boarders to use
  • Gated security
  • Open for boarders 7 days a week to accommodate most schedules
  • Trailer parking available

The equestrian center for all riders

For those who have a passion for riding and who enjoy the camaraderie of a positive and enthusiastic environment, Whispering Farms is the equestrian center for you!